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Got family, friends or workout buddies who are trying to make a difference with their fitness?

Let's help them!

Crazy Muscle's Ambassador Program was created to provide a bigger platform for those who are passionate about sharing their burning passion for fitness with others in their communities and around the world.

Here's how it works:

  1. Read through the qualifications below to see if you meet the requirements
  2. Review the benefits you'd get as a Crazy Muscle Ambassador and apply if you like what you hear
  3. Our team will review applications and setup an interview with all qualified candidates
  4. If accepted, we'll have a weekly 5-10 minute check-in to discuss new initiatives and ideas
  5. Keep doing what you do and collect a check along with free stuff from us

It's that simple...

What WE need from YOU

  • Follow / Like us on Facebook and Instagram
  • Answer some questions and create a video for your profile page
  • Maintain your status (Duties & Responsibilities)
    • Tier 1 - AMBASSADORS
      • 3 posts via social media per month
      • Outline your current workout and nutrition plan once a month
    • Tier 2 - EXPERTS
      • 6 posts via social media per month (1 - 2 per week)
      • 2 videos via social media per month (1 every 2 weeks)
      • OR maintain monthly sales goal of $750+
    • Tier 3 - INFLUENCERS
      • 10 posts via social media per month (2 - 3 per week)
      • 4 videos via social media per month (1 every week)
      • OR maintain monthly sales goal of $2,500+
  • Wear Crazy Muscle gear in your photos & videos that get posted
  • The following strategies are not required, but can help boost your sales
    • Start a Facebook group that caters to one specific type of individual
    • Hold weekly challenges
    • Offer online coaching to our customers (you'd be paid separately for this)
    • Post helpful content on your profile page and promote it

What WE will do for YOU

  • Our management team consists of marketing and branding experts to help you further build your personal brand
  • Exclusive training & coaching to help you succeed
  • Free product samples when we create new product lines
  • Exposure to a large audience in the bodybuilding & fitness space
  • Tier 1 - Brand Ambassadors
    • 5% commission on first order
    • Bonus: 20% one-time discount code + swag kit after making $500 in sales
  • Tier 2 - Brand Experts
    • All Brand Ambassador benefits
    • 10% commission on first order
    • 5% commission on 3 future orders
    • 20% product discount
    • Free gear (dri-fit shirts, hats, wraps, etc)
    • Partner with the top experts to come up with new product lines
  • Tier 3 - Brand influencers
    • All Brand Ambassador + Expert benefits
    • 15% commission on first order
    • 10% commission on 5 future orders
    • 50% product discount
    • Free products for giveaways & contests
    • Partner with the top influencers to come up with new product lines

Crazy Muscle Ambassador Program FAQs

  • Who can apply?
    • Anybody (18 and older) can apply as long as you don't consider yourself to be the most out-of-shape person at your office, gym or neighborhood. Of course this is a joke, but we are looking for individuals who embrace a lifestyle of fitness and health no matter how large of a social following they have.
  • How does the tier status work?
    • Based on your social following and engagement per post, our team will determine which tier you will be eligible for. Of course, it's up to you to decide depending on your availability and schedule.
  • How long does my ambassador status last?
    • Once you are approved, you are part of the Crazy Muscle famiglia and we don't kick people out of our family. You also have the option of moving to the next level based on your performance. This of course works both ways.
  • Do I need certifications?
    • Hell no! While we don't discount the hard work and dedication that many individuals put into earning a certification, we also know that there are lots of people out there who are in way better shape than some of the overweight certified personal trainers at the local gym.
  • How do I get paid?
    • All commissions will be paid via PayPal. You also have the option of converting your commissions into store credit along with a 10% bonus. So let's say you have $100 in commissions and want to convert it into store credit. You would get $110 in store credit instead of $100 via PayPal
  • How long do I get paid for each new customer I refer?
    • Commissions are paid out on all new customers you refer to us. Experts and Influencers receive commissions on recurring orders from the customers they refer to us.


  • Commissions are paid monthly once the payable amount is $25
  • Sales on your own orders will not count
  • Sales with your personal promo code will not count
  • Sales with your billing and/or shipping address will not count
  • Any form of manipulation will result in forfeiture of past, current and future earnings
  • Tracking links are set to last-click attribution
  • Cookie duration set for 31 days
  • Shipping charges are not included
  • Any commissions not claimed within 30 days will be forfeited


Apply to be a Crazy Muscle Ambassador


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