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Referral Program

Get paid to do what you're already doing on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.


First off, this ain't your mama's lame referral program.


If you're simply looking for an extra piece of info to put into your Instagram profile saying that you are a "sponsored athlete", this isn't the right program for you.


This program is also not for you if your Instagram page is about your latest pair of shoes or your outfit for the day.


We want to partner with folks who live to see others literally transform their lives.


Why consider joining?

  • 20% commission for sales made from your first-time referrals
  • Opportunity to earn an elite athlete sponsorship (with a salary + bonuses)
  • Our marketing and branding experts will help you build your personal brand
  • Exclusive training & coaching to help you succeed
  • Free gear and samples when we launch new product lines
  • Exposure to a larger audience in the bodybuilding & fitness space


Crazy Muscle's Athlete Program was created to provide a bigger platform for those who are passionate about sharing their burning passion for fitness with others in their communities and around the world.


Our current vision is to personally help 2,740 people a day take a big step in the right direction with their fitness and health.


That means every year, we will be able to help over 1 million people become a better version of themselves.


There are 3 types of athletes that we'd love to work with.



Do you resonate with any of these? If so, the last step is to talk about what would be asked of you.



  • No posts where you are simply posing with our products like a cheesy ad
  • If somebody reaches out to you asking for help, we ask that you would follow through to motivate, educate or coach them
  • If you're accepted into the Athlete program, we'll provide some preliminary training to help you align with the vision
  • Join our private Slack channel and collaborate with other athletes
  • Take our products (you can't promote something you aren't using yourself)
  • Invest in your own brand because we will be investing in you



Apply to be a Crazy Muscle Ambassador

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