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BCAA Tablets

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      Why buy from us?

    Why buy from CrazyMuscle.com?

    Product Description

    100%  Money Back Guarantee

    Are BCAA tablets Right for You?

    • 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine to Isoleucine and Valine
    • Maintain muscle anabolism
    • Decrease muscle catabolism
    • Easy to swallow tablets
    • Made in the USA
    • Nothing to risk with our 100% guarantee

    BCAA tablets are good for

    Build Lean MuscleIncrease Strength & PowerGain Mass and Size

    *These are badges we created to help you find the best product for your goals

    How do BCAA Tablets help your body?

    BCAAs help you achieve your goals by increasing protein synthesis and muscle growth over time, and they can also prevent fatigue by assisting the released insulin in your body to fuel your tired muscles, thus allowing you to work harder during workouts.

    If you don’t get enough BCAAs you can experience fatigue and slower muscle growth as BCAAs promote muscle protein synthesis.

    BCAA supplements are not essential for everyone if you’re getting enough in the diet, however they can help maximize results and supplement the diet if you are not getting enough. They are 100% necessary on a daily basis if your dietary protein intake is below 1g/ bodyweight kg/day.

    Some companies decide to market BCAAs products separately for women and men, however this is just a gimmick – BCAAs work the same for men and women. The dose should depend on a person’s total body weight, overall goals, etc.

    The effects of BCAAs will depend on the intensity or your training and nutrition, but should feel the effects on recovery levels within a few days.


    Can you get BCAA from your food/nutrition?

    Muscle building and high intensity training/nutrition programs recommend taking BCAAs. BCAAs are needed daily and can be generally consumed through a regular healthy diet. Foods that contain BCAAs are chicken, fish, eggs, dairy, lentils, red meat, soy protein, and nuts.

    In order to get the recommended amount of BCAAs per day naturally from food, one would have to consume multiple servings of the above foods. As an estimate, you would likely need to spend around $100-200/week to get enough from food, depending on things like age, height, weight, gender, and activity level, etc.

    Of course, these foods provide other nutrients, and you will likely eat some of these foods anyway, as you have to eat. However, many people choose to supplement so that they know they are consistently getting in enough BCAAs to maximize muscle growth, especially on training days.

    Alcohol may affect the effects of BCAAs by cancelling out the benefits it provides on muscle recovery and protein synthesis, so a high alcohol intake is not recommended for best results.


    Are BCAA Tablets safe to take?

    BCAA supplements have been on the market for decades, and many years of research on BCAAs has studied the effects on metabolism, neurology, physical performance, and interactions with medical condition.

    BCAAs are completely safe to take, but the tolerable upper limit of BCAAs is 35g/day.

    There aren’t many known side effects of taking BCAAs for the general population. However, consuming them as a supplement could interact with some medical conditions. It is always a good idea to speak with your healthcare provider before starting any supplement regimen.

    Branched-chain amino acids might affect blood sugar levels, and this might interfere with blood sugar control during and after surgery. Stop using branched-chain amino acids at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.


    What is the big deal about the 2:1:1 BCAA ratio?

    There are A LOT of supplement companies that claim that a higher BCAA ratio than 2:1:1 is far more beneficial. Any ratio higher than this is marketing gimmick and a complete waste of money. Our 2:1:1 ratio BCAA tablets is formulated with a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine to isoleucine and valine. Boost your protein synthesis into overdrive and get back in the gym faster.

    Here are all 3 branched chain amino acids:

    1. Leucine (1,500 mg / serving)
    2. Isoleucine (750 mg / serving)
    3. Valine (750 mg / serving)


    BCAA Dosage

    The general recommended dose if BCAAs is 20g/day of combined leucine, valine, and isoleucine. The dose should also be a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine (2-10g) and valine/isoleucine (48-72mg per kg or bodyweight) per day.

    To maximize the benefits of your BCAA tablets:

    • At a minimum, take 3 tablets before your workout
    • For maximum results, take 3 additional tablets after your workout

    The tolerable upper limit of BCAAs is 35g/day of BCAAs, so you don’t want to consume more than this. Taking this much wouldn’t’ be effective anyway, and would be a waste of money.

    You don’t need to cycle BCAAs on/off, therefore you can take them every day to help maximize your results. You can also take BCAAs on an empty stomach or with food.

    The best time of the day to take BCAAs is around your workouts, half of the portion of the daily limit pre-workout and the other portion post-workout.

    There is not enough reliable information about the safety of taking branched-chain amino acids if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.


    BCAA Tablets Typical Schedule*

    30-day supply if taken as shown

    BreakfastLunchPre-workoutDinnerBefore Bed
        3 tablets    

    At a minimum, take 3 tablets before your workout

    For maximum results, take 3 additional tablets after your workout

    * This chart is only a guide for a typical scenario. Please consult dosage instructions on the label of each product and adjust to your needs.


    BCAA tablets are included in the following stacks:

    Power StackMass Attack 4Ultimate StackExtreme Mass 3Pure Mass 3Vital Stack


    Before & After Pictures

    Want to be the first to be featured here? Submit your pictures and story. In the meantime, check out some of the other awesome before/after transformations.


    Write your own product review

    1. Good Review

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 24th Feb 2018

      Price is good. Product is good. Delivery is good. Crazy Muscle is good.

    2. Standard Blend

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 21st Jan 2018

      Standard blend here. I wish the serving size wasn't 3 full tablets, but that seems standard to most BCAA's that aren't powders. It does exactly what it should!

    3. same as powder

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 11th Jan 2018

      Felt the same effects as my powder, but one major difference was I didn't get my weekly upset stomach.

      Something about the powder makes me feel like crap at least once a week.

    4. fast recovery

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 2nd Jan 2018

      Recovery time cut in half. Does exactly what it's supposed to.

    5. Skyrocket energy and recovery

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 28th Oct 2017

      Definitely replaces my preworkout.

      Love the energy i have in the gym and how fast I recover.

    6. Much needed pick me up

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 22nd Oct 2017

      Friend recommended it and it definitely delivers a punch during my workouts. Recovery was super fast too.

    7. Big pump and solid recovery

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 18th Oct 2017

      I started taking the BCAA after my workouts for recovery but about half way through the month, I started taking them before my workouts for an extra pump. I like it better than my BSN noxplode because I don't feel like shit later in the day.

    8. recovery

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 15th Oct 2017

      Impressed with how quickly my body was able to recover after completely switching up my regimen.

      Started crossfit recently and I'm not really feeling the soreness that everybody at the gym said I would.

    9. good alternative to whey protein

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 3rd Oct 2017

      I typically get an upset stomach with every type of whey protein I take so these bcaa tablets have been a great product for recovery. Plus the tablets make it super convenient to take on the go.

    10. 3 before + 3 after workouts

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 19th Aug 2017

      Love the explosive energy I feel plus the super speedy recovery.

    11. best bang for the buck

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 7th Jul 2017

      Price was better than what I bought other bottles on Amazon. Didn't know about the 211 ratio thing, but don't care because it works better.

    12. going strong for 3 months

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 20th Apr 2017

      I hate how the powders are too sugary. These tablets are super convenient and I agree about the 2-1-1 ratio.

      Everything else out there is marketing bull shit

    13. Great for a pump and recovery

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 6th Oct 2016

      I took 3 before and after my workout for 1 week and noticed a big difference in my lifts and in my recovery. Product does exactly what it's supposed to do.

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