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Build Lean Muscle

Build Lean Muscle

Okay so first off, what exactly is lean muscle mass and what is it good for?  Here’s the easiest way to think about it.  Think of the juiciest steak you’ve ever had in your life.  I hope for your sake that you’re not thinking of a cut you bought from the manager's special section at your local grocery store.  If you were the one to cook the steak, you know that the marbling throughout the steak should’ve been painted, framed and displayed for the entire world to bask in the glory of it’s beauty.  Anywhoo, lean muscle is probably one of the cheapest and grossest steaks you can buy.  The absence of any marbling throughout the muscle is what lean muscle is.  One way to get yourself motivated to build more lean muscle mass is to know you are less likely to be eaten during a zombie apocalypse, so check out our supplements that will help you build more lean muscle mass.

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