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Recover Fast

Recover Fast

Has it been a while since you’ve lifted, but are looking to get back into it?  It’s hard enough to get your ass out of the house and into the gym, but the bigger challenge is trying to move over the next few days.  The reason why it’s so hard to move is caused from the fact that whenever you exercise, normal humans tend to breathe harder and faster which increases the oxygen supply to the muscles.  The muscles get energy from glucose, which then breaks down a few times until it forms lactate.  If you are still reading, that means we have some pretty decent writers.  Lactate basically allows muscles to keep breaking down glucose to use as energy.  This is how after a few sets, you still are able to lift weights.  The side effect of lactate is an increasing acidity level in the muscles, which in a nutshell is a natural defense move your body deploys to prevent major damage.  Scientifically, it isn’t a 100% proven fact that the soreness is caused by the lactic acid build-up, but the pure muscle tenderness, decrease in strength and range of motion.  All this to say, these products will help you recover faster.

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