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      Why buy from us?

    Why buy from CrazyMuscle.com?

    Product Description

    Why buy Clen?

    • 100% ephedrine-free (no more jittery feeling)
    • High potency with 25 mcg / mL
    • Thermogenesis raises core temperature, which increases metabolic activity
    • An effective alternative to highly toxic fat burning drugs
    • Helps you get ripped and ready for your bodybuilding competition
    • Stored body fat is burned at a much quicker/efficient rate
    • Target the last bit of excess fat for truly lean muscle all over
    • The "best fat burner on the market" for producing rapid losses in body fat!

    Clen is good for

    Build Lean MuscleGet Quick ResultsShred Fat

    *These are badges we created to help you find the best product for your goals

    What is Clen used for?

    Engineered to mimic Clenbuterol effects, Clen is an ephedrine free and incredibly powerful fat burning supplement.

    How do we do this?
    Magic! No, just kidding.
    The nucleus of the Clenbuterol molecule is separated in order to remove the Clenbuterol hydrochloride ester. While this gives it a shorter half life, it still has extremely good thermogenic properties. Taurine powder is added to the Clen powder and then suspended in alcohol.
    Obviously, it isn't as strong as real Clenbuterol but you won't have to worry about jittery hands, increased heart rates and restless nights that are long-term side effects of Clenbuterol HCL.
    Clen is used by bodybuilders looking to get ripped for a competition or even models looking to get rid of that last bit of fat before a photo shoot. It is without a doubt the best fat burner on the market when it comes to producing a rapid decrease in body-fat.
    While using Clen, one of the biggest fat loss recommendations we can give is to drink more water, eat better and sleep more. Buying Clen will not instantly drop the excess fat on your body. It will supercharge your weight loss efforts and after taking Clen, results will come much quicker. So before you buy Clen online, we would challenge you to check out our blog and make sure you get equipped with some information.
    If you're curious about where to buy Clen online, we have had Clen online since 2003. Originally in tablet format, Clen was transitioned into a liquid format for a better delivery system. It has quite a strong reputation among athlete circles and competitive bodybuilders as an incredibly effective diet supplement.
    Clen is not a steroid. Back in the day, ephedrine was all the craze but we all know that products with ephedrine made people feel "jittery".
    There is absolutely no ephedrine in our Clen.
    Here's how it works - Clen increases thermogenesis, which typically raises your blood pressure slightly resulting in an increase in your body temperature. If you already have high blood pressure, we recommend you not buy Clen and push your luck. Thermogenesis typically raises the rate of metabolism, which of course means more calories are getting burned. More calories burned means less adipose tissue (which is what makes people look blubbery).
    It is important to note that when using liquid Clen, a product that increases protein synthesis is highly recommended because whenever fat is burning, protein will also get zapped from the muscle. Any of our mass gain supplements will do a good job of counteracting any potential muscle loss.
    We used to have it in tablet/pill form, but we now only offer Clenbuterol for sale in an oral liquid format.

    How to take Clen (Dosage Chart)

    Clen Typical Schedule*

    Each bottle contains 30 mL for a 30 day supply if taken as shown

    BreakfastLunchPre-workoutDinnerBefore Bed
    1 mL first thing in the morning

    Take Clen first thing in the morning for 30 days, then take 1-2 weeks off then repeat the cycle.

    Drink lots of water.

    Most customers like to leave the Clen liquid under their tongue for a couple minutes followed by juice to wash the rest down.

    * This chart is only a guide for a typical scenario. Please consult dosage instructions on the label of each product and adjust to your needs.

    Clen is included in the following stacks:

    Lean MeanThe Cutter

    Before & After Results from Clen (with Pictures)

    Christian Shay

    Got some before + after pictures you want to share here? Submit your pictures and story.


    Write your own product review

    1. great thermogenic

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 13th Oct 2018

      I was sweating a lot more while I was taking Clen so definitely make sure you drink more water.

      I'm seeing more definition in stubborn areas like my waist and neck.

    2. Works fast

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 26th Sep 2018

      This product works great. I love it because it does not have side effects and is still strong enough to give you results fast!

    3. great cutter

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 16th Sep 2018

      I always stack this with Muscle Attack and creatine to maximize my gains and cuts. Best fat burner on the market.

    4. no jitters

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 30th Aug 2018

      cut 2" off my belly and dropped 2% body fat

    5. The best ive ever used

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 11th Jun 2018

      Fast delivery and fantastic results

    6. Good Product but take longer to work

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 10th Jun 2018

      I don't feel to much the different maybe its work better with cardio and a good diet but I really recommend for those who trainer harder

    7. Would recommend

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 8th Jun 2018

      Bit pricey for 30mL, but its good quality. Shipping was fast, have a syringe ready... Will probably do again.

    8. Noticeable Energy

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 10th May 2018

      I love the energy I get from it.

    9. Great Product!

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 6th May 2018

      This is my second time using Clen and I love it. I'm down another 10pds. I also workout 4 days a week and moderate my diet.

    10. Clen

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 1st May 2018

      this product is magic

    11. Fabulous results

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 5th Apr 2018

      Incredible quality in the product. I have been using these types of products for years but this one is one of the best on the market today.

    12. Guaranteed to work

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 5th Apr 2018

      I've been taking Clen on and off for 12 years and this product is up there with the best liquid I've taken in the past.

      Good job all around on the product

    13. Great and very noticeable energy

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 20th Mar 2018

      I had used Clenbuterol in the past when competing. It’s been a few years since I’ve used anything. I tried Clen just to see if I could get a little cut back. I was very surprised that it gave me noticeable energy lift. I found myself excited about going to the gym which had changed over the past year. I would definitely recommend Clen for a boost in ones workout.

    14. Good leaner

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 17th Mar 2018

      1st bottle got me to shred some fat off. Need 2 bottles next time to be even more lean

    15. On Its Way

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 16th Mar 2018

      My shipment of Clen is on its way! Will post a honest review after a cycle.

    16. Melts the fat

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 12th Mar 2018

      I've been taking Clen for a week now. I honestly see a difference in the way my stomach looks. I gained 117 lbs with my daughter and never knew what it was like to be fat. I have tried everything. I eat right , I workout everyday but once I hit 180, i plateaued. Clen has given me the boost that I needed and I am looking forward to end result.

    17. Very effective

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 5th Mar 2018

      About the 2nd week I started seeing the results multiply. So far, super happy with my results from taking clen.

    18. Excellent Product

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 25th Feb 2018

      I lost 10 pounds in a months time with no exercise nor dieting

    19. Clen ♥️

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 21st Feb 2018

      Great results using this. ♥️ It

    20. Crazy results

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 17th Feb 2018

      I got great results using this product

    21. Awesome

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 22nd Jan 2018

      Ive been taking clen for 3 weeks now and the results completely blew me away

    22. Love this stuff

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 7th Jan 2018

      I always use a bottle when I need to drop 8-10 lbs quick.

    23. I've lost 17 lbs so far

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 3rd Jan 2018

      Still blown away how well this stuff works!!! I can't remember the last time I was under 200.

    24. Best cutter I’ve found

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 31st Dec 2017

      This was my 2nd bottle and I’m down 19 lbs!

      You can’t sit on your ass and hope the fat melts off. You gotta work hard too...

    25. Super helpful at cutting fat

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 30th Dec 2017

      If you’re trying to cut, definitely want to pick up a bottle or two!

      Started seeing noticeable results 2nd week.

    26. Good product, fast delivery

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 13th Dec 2017

      Good way to lose weight and tone. Clenbutrol

    27. Gotta' take it with CLA

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 31st Oct 2017

      I eat good and exercise a lot. Got thrown off by family visiting this month, but my bad weight keeps dropping. Overall impressed by Clen + CLA

    28. It has helped

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 30th Oct 2017

      This product definitely helps up my metabolic rate without the jitters!

    29. Okay product

      3 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 23rd Oct 2017

      I have taken this product for a month with poor dieting, I seen little results but that's my fault on the dieting. I am going to do another cycle for another month with strict dieting to see what the results will be.

    30. Great Product, can't wait for my next cycle

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 15th Oct 2017

      Unfortunately, I got sick with bronchitis during this cycle so I wasn't able to go to the gym or meal prep like I'd wanted to on top of my already busy and hectic schedule but the first few days I could feel the effects and gained so much energy! Really excited for the next round. Hopefully I'll feel much better.

    31. Takes a couple weeks

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 10th Oct 2017

      Thought it wasn't working for the first 2 weeks, but by the end of the 3rd week, I started getting a lot of compliments from my coworkers. On the 2nd bottle now and overall happy with it.

    32. The best fat burner

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 24th Sep 2017

      I do have to say that their liquid version of Clen is the best. I was extremely scared to used it because I had heard stories of people claiming their heart was being affected with strong heart palpitations or super high heart race.

      I have to say I never had any problems or any side effects , just to tell you I was doing hit cardio and training and never felt anything once! I was burning so much fat it was crazy ! I love this product is really strong I will used again!

      This product is a really good quality hands down! I can't wait to use their other products

    33. Great Feeling and Look

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 28th Aug 2017

      I have tried SOO many diet things and it seems since the Ephedra withdrawal from the market, nothing has seen to work good.

      I like this stuff because as everyone else has stated, it warms up your body as a thermogenic should without giving you a jittery feeling.

      The other thing I have noticed is the steady energy I have throughout the day, not that it gives you energy but it feels like it helps normalize my metabolism.

    34. Very Good!

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 24th Aug 2017

      Just started taking it, Nice progress so far.

    35. Great product!

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 23rd Aug 2017

      I loved how this made me feel. I usually get sick with products because they make my heart race and I feel jittery. Not with this product! I felt great!!!! Thank you!

    36. Military drug test

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 14th Aug 2017

      Can anyone tell me if this will show up on a military drug test?

      [CRAZY MUSCLE STAFF] - No, It will not show up on a military drug test

    37. The best product ever

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 11th Aug 2017

      Definitely will continue buying it here.. I have nothing but great things to say about. It really works and didn't make me shake at all like these others I have tried before ❤️❤️

    38. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF (includes in-depth instructions)

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 4th Aug 2017

      This isn't a magic syrup. Well, not quite. I've been taking this product for one cycle now and I can tell you without a doubt that it only helps. But it helps A LOT. Here's my experience.

      I'm a stocky guy. I'm 5'6, Asian, with 7.5" wrist, 44.5" chest, 43" hips, short legs and currently 30% body fat, with a 405 lbs powerlifting squat. I've always been a heavy set guy. Never seen six packs on my body, and never seen veins on my biceps.

      From the other reviews you see it makes you feel like you can eat whatever you want but still lose fat. But that's NOT true. I thought so at first so I ate whatever I wanted, eating around 3500 and even sometimes 4000 Calories a day of just unhealthy foods and barely working out. BUT, even with increased calories and decreased nutritional foods, I went from 29.8% body fat to ONLY 30.4% body fat. So, not much change. Barely anything really. But it really shows that when taking this product you can use it to keep you at maintenance. I'm excited to see what progress I can make WITH good diet and exercise, and if I could edit this review later on I will to let you guys know how I'm doing.

      I suggest that you start out by drinking 2 cups of refrigerated cold water. This will help numb your taste buds so it's not so bad. It tastes like cheap vodka and cyanide. Also a study says that you can increase your metabolism for the day by drinking 2 cups of water first thing in the morning. Look it up.
      Put the recommended amount under your tongue. The dropper they give you have a hard time getting the full 1 ml amount so I suggest you do two 0.5ml amounts.
      Hold it in your month for 15 minutes. This isn't included in the instructions, but I've taken drop medications before and the doctor said to hold it, so it'll better be absorbed into the bloodstream. During the wait you can either read a novel, do paperwork, drive to work, or even read your Bible like your mom always wanted you to.
      Drink another cup of water to wash it down. Look at that. You already drank 3 cups for the day. By now I've made my green tea and enjoy it.

    39. AMAZING..

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 26th Jul 2017

      I take it first thing in the morning.... No joke. Its the best product i have taken in yrs.. make sure you drink water all threw the day...

    40. Best Fat burner period

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 7th Jul 2017

      if your ever wanting something that's easy and gets great results this is for you. Ive lost close to 20lbs using this and didn't really stray away from my current lower carb diet. One thing to keep in mind is to drink even more water than normal as this can dehydrate you

    41. Awesome

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 23rd Jun 2017

      Love the product lost 15 pound in 2 weeks

    42. Great product

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 17th Jun 2017

      Good product, made me sweat more and defiantly raised my temperature. Would defiantly buy again

    43. Clen

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 14th Jun 2017

      This product arrived quickly which is a huge plus. I've been taking it for 3 weeks and am noticing that I'm starting to lean out. Very good product!

    44. Clen

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 11th Jun 2017

      Excellent product!!! Started seeing results within weeks.

    45. Excellent

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 8th Jun 2017

      I started using it 2 weeks ago. Since then I can see the difference in my body, lost pure body fat without losing any muscle

    46. Awesome

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 7th Jun 2017

      Take it every morning then go together gym fasted

    47. I like it better than Clenbuterol HCL

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 1st Jun 2017

      I've always used Clenbuterol for show prep, but every single show I crash after and feel like shit. Chalk it up to the over-excitement and adreneline from being on the stage, but this Clen doesn't make me feel horrible the next day.

      Dislcaimer - obviously it isn't as strong as the real shit but it definitely does the job without harming your body.

    48. Intense

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 30th Apr 2017

      Hi I have only been using it for 4 days and will follow up the with results but it does get me going and keep me thinking and active so all of these will help produce the goods.

    49. so far great !

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 28th Apr 2017

      I've taken a handful of other products and I was pleasantly surprised with the results of this one. Lost about 5 pounds within 2 weeks, paired with a clean diet. I'm using it to get rid of that last bit of fat before my show so it worked well, thanks !

    50. THE REAL DEAL.....

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 17th Apr 2017

      I'm on my second bottle. I am stacking it with Decapoise. Legit product. It also worked really well by its self... Only advice. Lots of water. Drink all thru the day..


      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 6th Mar 2017

      As someone who began figure competition diets back in 2004, I've tried many fat burners. This one is far and away the best. Within two weeks of beginning Clen, I started dropping body fat like crazy. I changed nothing else, just added the Clen. In fact, I'm competing in 7 weeks and had to add calories and cut the Clen dose by 25% so I wouldn't peak too early. This product is the real deal. Make sure you follow the directions and drink tons of water though. This isn't a product to be messed with.

    52. best clen around

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 24th Feb 2017

      Product was amazing! I actually lost more weight than I have ever have on any other clen. Customer service right from the beginning was fabulous!

    53. very satisfied

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 3rd Feb 2017

      I have seen positive results when taken consistently with no side effects.

    54. Lost fat

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 19th Nov 2016

      Been at it for a while and Clen + CLA is legit.

    55. you can feel it working

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 19th Sep 2016

      workingi would definitely recommend this to my friends.

    56. SO SHOCKED

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 31st Jul 2016


    57. Works great!

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 19th Jun 2016

      Take it as directed before I go to the gym to lift. Definitely gives me more energy for a better workout! Very pleased with the Clen.

    58. great results

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 10th Jun 2016

      I have been stacking clen along side decapoise and have had results way better than expected. In 2 weeks I have lost on the scales 5 lbs but I am much leaner and have added muscle so the fat loss is greater. Around the waist I have dropped 3 inches and arms have increased 1 inch in 2 weeks.

    59. Liquid version rocks

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 12th Mar 2016

      I was so used to the tablets that it took awhile to try the liquid. I feel like it worked a lot faster and was a little more effective. Body gets real warm after you take it

    60. Better than hydroxycut

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 14th Dec 2015

      I used to take hydroxycut to help keep my abs flat, but after taking clen, I don't think it really worked as good as I thought. Pretty good product for keeping the belly fat off.

    61. Lost fat fast

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 2nd Dec 2015

      Gotta say how surprised I am with my results. I only tried it because my room mate got good results with it to.

    62. fat melted off

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 14th Oct 2015

      This is probably going to sound fake, but man the fat literally melted off. As someone who has always found it hard to get rid of belly fat, I highly approve of clen.

    63. no jitters

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 12th Sep 2015

      I've taken hydroxycut forever, but I hate how it always makes me feel so jittery. Clen is a good substitute and no jitters

    64. burn baby burn

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 29th Aug 2015

      after about the 2nd week, I really started to see clen start to work. love handles have really tapered in since then

    65. solid fat burner

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 15th Jul 2015

      This is the product i've been looking for to help shed the lower belly fat. Seeing the results really encourages you to eat better.

    66. I've tried every diet pill under the sun

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 17th May 2015

      Gotta say the clen was one of the most effective fat burners I've ever taken. Most important thing is that I can visually see the difference in my midsection and love handels

    67. lean

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 17th May 2015

      Another great product. Leaner and harder over a four week period. Great clean product

    68. great for females too

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 26th Mar 2015

      Mom of 2 here. I started taking the Clen as per Maximus' recommendation and within 2 weeks, I already started to see a big difference. I've been drinking more water too and I love the new look and how I feel as of late.

    69. clen

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 23rd Feb 2015

      Best pre contest sup on the market. I love this stuff. My secret weapon!

    70. time to cut

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 15th Jan 2015

      I always take clen after the holidays because I always let myself go from all the eatin. Like always, works like a charm!

    71. great fat burner

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 6th Nov 2014

      took about an inch off my waist and shrunk my love handles a bit

    72. solid cutting product

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 6th Sep 2014

      Trimmed off my beer belly with 2 packets of Clen this summer. One thing to note for everybody reading this is that you sweat a lot so definitely guzzle that water down.

    73. my go-to fat burner

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 15th Aug 2014

      clen is like the magic pill to shred fat. saw awesome fat loss without really having to change my diet. word of caution...drink more water while you're on it...hell, drink more water priod!

    74. I feel like it helped me

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 24th Jul 2014

      I started eating well and doing a lot more cardio this last month but I also took the Clen. I lost 12 lbs and went from 14% body fat to 11%. I'm sure the Clen contributed to that, but I'll list 4 stars for now.

    75. perfect cutter

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 19th Jul 2014

      Took this last year and had great results. It worked like a charm again this year

    76. Abs!

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 16th Jul 2014

      My abs are lookin pretty sweet...just in time for a big pool party where a lot of girls will be there

    77. Fat melted off

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 9th Jul 2014

      seriously no bullshit, went from about 14 % body fat to 11% in 1 month

    78. Top notch fat burner

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 14th Jun 2014

      surprised by how quickly I started to drop in weight. I sweat a lot more lately, but I like the way it's working

    79. Great fat burner

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 29th May 2014

      I was surprised at how the fat came off so easily and I didn't feel jittery. great product!

    80. Killer abs

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 8th May 2014

      I've always been super close to seeing my full 6 pack, but finally got it with Clen. My diet is really clean, I just like to drink a lot. Didn't change much, so happy that clen could help!

    81. Dropped 10 lbs in 1 month

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 17th Apr 2014

      Results are golden. I have a hard time losing weight but I shed 10 lbs this month. Wife approves so I'm happy!!

    82. No jitters

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 26th Dec 2013

      Lost like 8 lbs of fat. Didn't lose any of my muscle.

    83. Great for Weight Loss

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 20th Sep 2013

      Clen is legit it has really made my body burn more fat during my workout.
      Very pleased with the all the weight loss supplements from Crazy Muscle.

    84. The key to truly defined ABS

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 19th Sep 2013

      Defiantly the greatest fat burner i have come across!! stack clen with decapoise to see great results and achieve the body you always dreamed about!!

    85. Go Hard and Sweat!

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 6th Sep 2013

      Best ever product for kicking in the thermo. Started with full 5/day and altered plan to double up prior to workout. Liked this much better as it gave a hella boost for the HIIT/Cardio and found I could avoiding getting up at 2am.

      Drink LOTS and LOTS of water is my recommend. If you think you are drinking enough, drink more. My day usually includes close to 5 liters of water with my last 16 ounces right before bed as mix in my Casein 'snack'.

      Did I say LOTS of water? You'll be whizzing, but it works and if you do any traveling, really pay attention to how your body handles the flood of H2O as you could need an emergency roadside :-)

      Oh, currently checking in at 167# (2lbs from cutting goal) - down from 184.

      Have Stacked with Win and Win+D-Bol

    86. Finally see abs!

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 28th Aug 2013

      I've NEVER been able to see my abs. I tried the Clen and emailed the staff to get some extra help. Was surprised at how helpful and knowledgable they were when it came to weight loss. They had me drink more water, eat better and change up my cardio. The Clen made me sweat a lot.

      Honestly, I didn't eat any better but I now see my abs starting to show on the sides. I'm going to start eating better because this is supe rmotivating.

    87. Sweat way more

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 18th Aug 2013

      Started with 2 tablets a day like the site recommends and by the end of the week I was taking 5 clen tablets a day. I'm down from a 34 to a 32 pant size. Been really hittin the cardio hard this month and I think it really works.

    88. Dropped 14 lbs this month

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 28th May 2013

      A friend of mine told me to get clen from crazymuscle. I focused only on cardio, ate more salads and dropped 14 lbs this month. Been about a week since I finished the product and weight loss slowed down a little.

    89. Really helped boost my endurance

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 8th May 2013

      I'm a marathon runner and I think clen helped boost my endurance. The past 3 months, I have been increasing my mileage about 1 mile every week. The past month, I increased my miles by 7. Ordered another pack to see if I make any more gains.

    90. Abs much more defined

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 24th Apr 2013

      Not as powerful as Clenbuterol, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Abs are much more defined. Tip for others: Drink LOTS of water while taking clen. :)

    91. Down 2 pant sizes

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 13th Apr 2013

      Crazy fast shipping…I think it got to me in 2 days. Clen worked well for me. Went down 2 pant sizes in a bout a month

    92. Lost lots of belly fat

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 12th Apr 2013

      Made me sweat like a mother f***** (edited for viewer discretion)!!! Def lost a lot of fat in my belly area

    93. Dropped 3% body fat!

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 11th Apr 2013

      Just finished the product. Dropped 3% body fat in 1 month. Still can't see my abs, but for one month..pretty good results

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