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Hemo 15 - Vitamaster

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      Why buy from us?

    Why buy from CrazyMuscle.com?

    Product Description

    Why buy Hemo 15 Vitamaster?

    • Commonly used by HCG diet forum members to replace expensive B12 shots
    • Stimulates form blood cells for extreme muscular enhancement
    • Sustains a lipotropic effect for most effective breakdown of excess fat
    • Helps to maintain correct functioning of the liver
    • Enhances muscle metabolism for faster fat shredding

    Hemo 15 - Vitamaster is good for

    Build Lean MuscleGet Quick ResultsShred Fat

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    What is Hemo-15 Vitamaster?

    Hemo 15 is made up of B-group vitamins (cyanocobal-amine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacinamide, pantothenol, choline, biotin, inositol), minerals (iron, cobalt, copper) & amino acids to enhance muscle metabolism and to sustain a lipotropic effect, which promotes correct functioning of the liver. The effect of B-group vitamins stimulates energy metabolism.

    There are many uses of Hemo 15, here are the main ones: can be used to prevent and treat debilitating conditions, overall fat loss, in preparing for bodybuilding competitions, after competition to boost recovery times, as a support in antibiotic therapy, in syndromes of impaired performance and the various types of stress athletes are pushed to.

    Under muscle stress or altered metabolism, B-vitamins can get zapped fairly quickly. B-group vitamins are recognized by sports medicine professionals as a stimulant to the central nervous system because of their effect on various metabolisms of sugar, lipids & protein.

    Hemo-15 aka "Vitamaster" contains micronutrients (iron, copper, cobalt), which are able to stimulate hematopoeisis (boosting blood cells in bone marrow) and therefore produce synergetic effects with vitamins B12, B2, and B8. Methionine, choline and inositol, ensure effective lipotropic (fat burning) activity. It's also capable of preventing abnormal accumulations of fats in the liver. Hemo-15 goes very well with Dynajec. Since 2003, we have had Hemo 15 for sale to customers around the world.

    If you're interested in the ingredients, each mL contains:

    • Vitamin B12 150 mcg
    • Copper gluconate 0,2 mg
    • Iron ammonium citrate 15 mg
    • Choline chloride 10 mg
    • Pyridoxina (vitamin B6) 10 mg
    • d-Biotin 10 mcg
    • Riboflavin (B2) as 5-phosphate sodium 10 mg
    • Inositol 10 mg
    • Niacinamide 100 mg
    • dl-Glicine 20 mg
    • d-Panthenol 15 mg
    • l-Lisine HCL 20 mg
    • Cobalt gluconate 0,7 mg
    • dl-Methionin 20 mg
    • Benzyl alcohol 20 mg
    Among the most common users of Hemo 15 bodybuilding professionals and athletes find Hemo 15 to greatly help with their recovery and keeping excess weight down. One of the most common questions we receive about Hemo 15 is if it's safe to take for humans. It is absolutely safe to take as long as you stick within the recommended dosages.

    Dosage Chart

    Vitamaster (Hemo 15) Typical Schedule*

    Each bottle contains 100 mL

    BreakfastLunchPre-workoutDinnerBefore Bed
    1 mL every 100 lbs (45 kg) of body weight on alternating days for 7 - 10 dayseg. if you weigh 200 lbs, take 2 mL on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday.

    Be sure to take a week off after every 7-10 day cycle.

    * This chart is only a guide for a typical scenario. Please consult dosage instructions on the label of each product and adjust to your needs.

    Before & After Pictures

    Jason Foster

    Got some before + after pictures you want to share here? Submit your pictures and story.


    Write your own product review

    1. Solid lipotropic

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 11th Jan 2018

      Been taking this and Kynoselen forever until they stopped making it. Dynajec is a good replacement but this is a review about Hemo 15. It's a solid product and works well!

    2. hemo 15 for lean gains

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 28th Oct 2017

      Hemo 15 gives relife to old injuries and burns fat.

    3. Dropped fat

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 20th Oct 2017

      Saw this in multiple forums so I gave it a shot...literally. Dropped 14 lbs so far and counting.

    4. Great Product That Can Be Hard To Find

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 14th Jun 2017

      2nd time I've purchased this product, both times product arrived promptly & in good condition. Have had great results since I started using it. The only thing I want crazy about was on the expiration date on the second order I placed. I ordered a 6 month supply (for my bodyweight) & the order I received had an expiration of 3 months from receipt. I sent an email & was reassured that the vitamin potency would still be good & there would be no issues with the product for at least 6 months past the expiration. Still a little disappointing.

    5. this product is f**king dope

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 27th Apr 2016

      This product is amazing ! I have not had something quite like this would recommend to friends and others who want to feel result almost instantly . I would stack with anything else

    6. B-12++

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 6th Feb 2016

      the slight burn is my only complaint

    7. got rid of cellulite

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 7th Oct 2015

      I've struggled with cellulite on my hamstrings for years now. How shocked was I to find it almost gone after 1 month. I am definitely going to start another bottle after I run out of this one.

    8. good weight loss

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 21st Jul 2015

      A little hesitant at first but all of the folks on the forums had nothing but good things to say about the product. Ended up dropping 17 lbs

    9. Re Order

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 17th May 2015

      This product is great.

      It works wonderfully. I ordered the second bottle after the first one is gone.

      The customer service is fantastic too and we talk with a real person in USA.

    10. Cheaper than the doctor

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 13th May 2015

      Gave me energy immediately. Much, much cheaper than going to doctor. Great product.

    11. save money

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 15th Jan 2015

      Hemo 15 from Crazymuscle was a great product. I still have a little left, but I was able to drop down to my ideal body fat % and look/feel great.

    12. waaaaaay better than doctor visits

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 26th Nov 2014

      Okay I'll admit it, I wasn't on board with the idea of administering the injections myself, but at $50 a bottle, it was way cheaper than going to the doctors office. Once you get the hang of it, it's a cinch.

    13. can't complain, I lost 17 lb

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 11th Oct 2014

      I didn't really change up my diet or exercise regime but I looked in the mirror after 3 weeks and definitely noticed a difference. Results are always the best motivator, I've started jogging and it feels amazing!

    14. lost a lot of fat

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 6th Sep 2014

      Dropped from 292 lbs to 238 lbs in about 6 weeks. I got advice from Crazymuscle staff on how to eat better and workout better so that probably also helped.

    15. Worked like a charm

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 8th May 2014

      Felt energy almost immediately and am down 16 lbs from last month. You start to see results, suddenly it just becomes a whole lot easier.

    16. Best customer service and price

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 11th Apr 2014

      Live chat was helpful in answering my questions. After ordering, I got the product 2 days later

    17. Safe for humans

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 10th Mar 2014

      Everyone recommends buying from here on the HCG forums. Prices are cheap, shipping was free and it got to me in 2 days! After using it for about 3 weeks, I feel incredible, definitely safe to use.

    18. HCG approved

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 6th Feb 2014

      Alot of members from the hcgforum talk about this so I gave it a try. Was pleasantly surprised that a $55 bottle of Hemo 15 does the same thing my doctor was charging me $50 per shot! Very happy customer!!!!!!!!

    19. Cheaper way to get B12 shots

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 3rd Dec 2013

      Personally, I bought a bottle because of what I read in the reviews. I used to pay $45 per shot from the doctor and I feel like the Vitamaster does the same thing....but for a lot lot less

    20. Excellent seller

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 21st Oct 2013

      Very excelent customer service and quality of the product. Will buy again next time.


    21. Quick shipping and great customer service

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 23rd Sep 2013

      Found this from the HCG diet forums like a few others on here and after shopping around, this really is the cheapest place to get this. Live chat rep was extremely helpful and took care of me. Shots are a little painful, but it doesn't hurt anymore than getting a regular vitamin B shot.

      For the money, I feel like hemo 15 works just as well as the expensive shots do.

    22. Very economical vitamin b supp

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 6th Sep 2013

      Second order of this - plus I managed to convert a friend to using vitamaster over "vanilla vitamin b".

      Thanks guys!

    23. People with anxiety disorder should consult a doctor

      3 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 28th Aug 2013

      I was doing the hcg diet and under normal circumstances I would say that this product is worth it but I have anxiety/panic disorder and I wound up in the hospital. I only injected 125iu and within 15 minutes my heartbeat was all over the place and I was sweaty and pale.

      I will reiterate that this product works, but I am only speaking for myself and my issue I had but I personally don't feel that those with this medical condition should take it.

    24. Great alternative to shots at the clinic

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 26th Aug 2013

      Found this site from the HCG diet forums and saw that it was way cheaper than other places. Bought a bottle of Vitamaster hemo 15 and gave it a shot, no pun intended. :)

      Down 2 dress sizes and have lost 11 lbs the past 5 weeks. Customer service is prompt and shipping only took 2 days.

    25. Cheaper, More Efficient Option to MIC + B2 + B6 + B12

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 17th Jun 2013

      I'm on the HCG diet and don't want to spend a fortune for the lipotropics (MIC) and vitamin B's in injection form, so I got this product. I've also done about 90 days of the diet in all. I just got back from my weekly visit to the weight loss clinic and after I got off the scale, the nurse raised her eyebrows. I gained a pound of muscle (HCG is a 500 calorie diet) and lost 5 pounds of fat. My girlfriend also has noticed a significant acceleration of fat loss this week. I'd say the Vitamaster is for sure the real deal. I've not lost that much in a week before and the doctors say I'm doing really well. However, now I'm not paying $50 per injection for the same lipo/vitamin cocktail. Works for me!

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