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  Why buy from us?

Why buy from CrazyMuscle.com?

Product Description

Why buy Finaplex?

  • Build top quality muscle without overloading on testosterone
  • No risk of water retention or estrogen and fat build up
  • Powerful increase in solid, lean and hard muscle!

Finaplex is good for

Build Lean MuscleIncrease Strength & PowerMaximize Performance

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What is Finaplex?

The great thing about Finaplex is that it causes small, maintainable and quality gains. Naturally it won't give you the sort of mass that testosterone boosters would give, but it makes up for it by adding only the highest quality gains (no estrogen formation, so no fat or water retention) which makes it easier to keep body fat levels down. For people starting out and looking solely for a quality increase in lean muscle, Finaplex is ideal.

Ingredients of Finaplex include:

  • 300 mg Boswellic acid
  • Dicalcium phosphate
  • Microcrystalline
  • Cellulose
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Croscarmellose sodium

Dosage Chart

Finaplex Typical Schedule*

Each bottle contains 30 tablets for a 15-30 day supply if taken as shown

BreakfastLunchPre-workoutDinnerBefore Bed
        1-2 tablets

Use during lean mass, hardening, and strength phases.

Stacks well with Dianobol and Dekka and used for increased recovery.

* This chart is only a guide for a typical scenario. Please consult dosage instructions on the label of each product and adjust to your needs.

Finaplex is included in the following stacks:

Beast ModeMass Cut 2Crazy Stack

Before & After Pictures

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Write your own product review

  1. Finaplex

    4 / 5 stars
    Reviewed by on 7th Aug 2017

    Overall the products worked pretty good. It definitely help me sleep hard at night. I had great recovery from taking finaplex. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

  2. very good!!!!!!!

    5 / 5 stars
    Reviewed by on 8th Oct 2015

    It did the job and I appreciate the helpful customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. good quality gains

    5 / 5 stars
    Reviewed by on 30th Sep 2015

    Found a great product to help build quality muscle during my trainnig before shows. I probably measure my results a bit more than the average person, so I definitey noticed the change.

  4. 2 month progress update

    5 / 5 stars
    Reviewed by on 8th Feb 2015

    I liked the fact that Finaplex says it gives smaller, more maintainable results because I've got a few kids and not too much time to devote to working out these days. I started with 1 bottle for the 1st month and can definitely tell a difference in my overall physique...plus I have a lot more energy lately. The 2nd month, I stacked it with Muscle Attack and I think that's when it really started working. I might try to Beast mode stack next.

  5. wicked strength gains

    5 / 5 stars
    Reviewed by on 12th Sep 2014

    Saw some good increases in my overall strength especially in the later parts of my workout when I normally get tired and exhausted.

  6. no water retention

    4 / 5 stars
    Reviewed by on 30th Aug 2014

    Considering how much I put on this cycle, was surprised that there was no water retention. Overall a very good product for the money

  7. solid results

    5 / 5 stars
    Reviewed by on 15th Jul 2014

    Last 30 days have been solid with Finaplex. I'm feeling more definition and cuts in my arms and obliques..perfect summer product

  8. Great to pack on lean mass

    5 / 5 stars
    Reviewed by on 23rd May 2014

    I was a little soft before starting finaplex. I felt my arms get bigger and harder by end of week 2. Just ordered another bottle because I love the results

  9. happy with results

    5 / 5 stars
    Reviewed by on 13th May 2014

    Vanity muscles feel a lot more tight and hard like when I flex my biceps and pecs. Happy with results

  10. Solid product

    5 / 5 stars
    Reviewed by on 21st Apr 2014

    Okay so I took the Finaplex for 1 month and felt like it helped me break through to new strengh levels. Been a few weeks after I finished and I haven't lost any strengh yet!

  11. Lean muscle

    5 / 5 stars
    Reviewed by on 22nd Aug 2013

    I tried creatine for a few years because my friends told me it would give me lean muscle. I don't think it did. I tried taking finaplex and my arms actually look cut. Think i also got much stronger too

  12. Awesome product to cut for summer

    5 / 5 stars
    Reviewed by on 11th Apr 2013

    This has become my favorite product right before the summer. Been using it the past 3 years on and off, but it gets me nice and cut right before the summer-time.

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