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Canadian Winstrall


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      Why buy from us?

    Why buy from CrazyMuscle.com?

    Product Description

    Why buy Canadian Winstrall?

    • Makes your body use proteins, fats and carbs much more effectively
    • Enhances nitrogen balance, which helps speed up your workout recovery
    • Boosts phenomenal strength so that you can lift heavier weights
    • Gaining up to 10 lbs of hard muscle in just 1 month is not uncommon
    • Creates defined, cut muscles for the ultimate bodybuilding physique!

    Canadian Winstrall is good for

    Build Lean MuscleGet Quick ResultsIncrease Strength & Power

    *These are badges we created to help you find the best product for your goals

    What are Winstrall tablets good for?

    Increases mental focus, strength, and definition. Used for strength and mass cycles, as well as cutting cycles. We have heard reports of customers feeling the effects of Winstrall in as little as 4 days. It is common to feel a big increase in blood flow, which should give you a nice pump in the weight room.

    Dosage Chart

    Winstrall Tablets Typical Schedule*

    Each pack contains 100 tablets for a 20-30 day supply if taken as shown

    BreakfastLunchPre-workoutDinnerBefore Bed
    1 tablet every 3-4 hours+ food

    Do not exceed 5 tablets per day

    Used for strength and mass cycles, as well as cutting cycles

    * This chart is only a guide for a typical scenario. Please consult dosage instructions on the label of each product and adjust to your needs.

    Winstrall is included in the following stacks:

    Mass Attack 2The Cutter

    Before & After Pictures

    Shay Zamora

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    Write your own product review

    1. Good

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 29th Jun 2017

      I am pleased with this product so far I have seen some results so I will continue to use

    2. hammer

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 19th Jan 2017

      I'm just in my second week I'm stacking with decapoise and dmz , I feel like I'm not holding water as I thought I would it seems pretty good ,we will have to see in the next couple weeks ....I do feel stronger and get good pump ...

    3. I Got The Power!!

      4 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 21st Aug 2016

      I've been training for a few years and with some weights I've always needed a spot or just got stuck at a certain weight. After I started to take the tablets I didn't notice anything at first, but the results were in the weights I was pushing. My strength increased enormously. (Almost 50lbs) Trust me I was amazed myself. This product is very good. I should have stacked it with something else, but I have no regrets. Good Stuff!

    4. ok but probaly better in liquid form

      3 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 31st Jul 2016

      it did pretty good for me still have my muscle and strength from use worth a try for beginners

    5. hard and lean

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 26th May 2016

      After 2 weeks my workouts are more intense got Stellar pumps and started to lean out

    6. strength capacity

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 12th Jul 2015

      My strength output this month was unparallelled. I felt like most of my reps were more explosive and easier to knock out even in my final supersets.

    7. not as good as...

      3 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 10th May 2015

      Wanted to change things up and decided to try the winnstrall instead of Muscle Attack.

      I saw some decent strength and definition gains, but I'd rather pay $5 more and pick up another bottle of Muscle attack because I thought that worked a lot better for me

    8. Energy !

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 17th Nov 2013

      Crazy energy boost and the best it helps you get cuts and shrink your muscular to the max giving you the best cuttinglook .DDefinitely I'm buying it again ...... Good stuff

    9. Nice strength gains

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 10th Nov 2013

      Feel a lot stronger in the gym and like winstrall alot

    10. Will give you an extra Push

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 6th Sep 2013

      coming off surgery and more atrophy and tendon shrink than should be allowed for anyone I could barely curl a 5lb dumbell. Seriously. That was in June. Hammer is now up to 30lbs and can easily manage a 40lb dumbell for incline press. Being in sports my whole life, I do not believe i could have moved strength that quickly without Win.

      Stacked with D-Bol, was a great combo and am back on track to being even beyond where i was pre-surgery.

      Win will be a part of both my bulking and cutting from now on.

    11. Extreme Focus & Energy

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 19th Jun 2013

      Thanks to Crazy Muscle, I have finally found a product that helps me get through my workouts. I am a mother of 4 and I've been trying to get my defined physique back faster than I did after my third. I've always been consistent with my workout programs but with limited sleep and lack of energy from taking care of a business and all of my kiddies, winstrall has truly helped me stay focused and clear minded while I am training. It does not give me any jittery feelings but when I'm weight training, I feel like I go into straight beast mode from using this!!! I've been able to get through my superset strength training programs and I am able to finish my time at the gym with some HIIT cardio!!

    12. Great for MMA training

      5 / 5 stars
      Reviewed by on 18th Apr 2013

      Great for MMA training. Winstrall gets me stronger, faster and doesn't show up on a blood test.

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