Crushing your goals requires you to overcome your fitness limitations.
This Playbook is packed with solid resources to help you take action starting today.

Exercise & Physical Activity Guide to Bulking Up
  • How to set reasonable goals
  • Several critical ideas that trainers always recommend to their clients
  • 7 of the most powerful compound movements to bulk up fast 
Nutrition & Recovery Guide to Build More Muscle Mass
  • How to design your diet
  • Whether to take meal replacements or not
  • 3 of the most important supplements to help you bulk up faster

Exercise & Physical Activity Guide to Getting Ripped

  • Why cardio is required not just for those looking to lose weight
  • Huge list of reasons we hate steady state cardio
  • Everything you need to know about HIIT and how to get started NOW
Nutrition & Recovery Guide to Shedding Fat
  • A primer on all of the various diets that make claims of rapid fat loss
  • How to design your ideal diet to get rid of the weight
  • Common myths and dangerous pitfalls to avoid on your fat burning quest


Exercise & Physical Activity Guide to Boosting Strength
  • Negatives of conventional strength training
  • Science behind HIT (Hight Intensity Strength Training)
  • The big 5 exercises to build strength faster
Nutrition & Recovery Guide to Skyrocket Power Output
  • How and when to eat the right foods at the right times to maximize strength potential
  • Which products actually boost strength and help maximize power
  • Lies and myths to be aware of if you're serious about improving

Exercise & Physical Activity Guide to Sharpening Your Mindset
  • Why your mindset is the key to getting the results you've always wanted
  • 6 ways to control your day (aka "how to be more productive")
  • Exercise routines to help you get into your peak flow state
Nutrition & Recovery Guide to Developing a Stronger Mentality
  • How the brain actually works and functions
  • A general overview on optimizing the largest organ in your skull, your brain
  • Which supplements can you take to improve your focus, productivity and alertness