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Quick Facts

  • 2:1:1 Ratio Of Leucine To Isoleucine And Valine

  • Maintain Muscle Anabolism (Growth And Development)

  • Decrease Muscle Catabolism (Breakdown)

  • Easy To Swallow Tablets

  • Made In The USA

  • Nothing To Risk With Our 100% Guarantee


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Francisco Ruiz Lopez


carlton cox
Great Glutamine product

I like the fact that one pill is 1g of Glutamine. I take it after working out. I feel it's very beneficial in helping my recovery during intense workouts. It also helps to preserve your hard earned muscle while dieting and in a caloric deficit state. Great product!!

Hans Leal
Crazy Muscle is right!

Great product, definitely noticing an increase in muscle definition and ability to lift. Thanks Crazy Muscle!

Kyle Jose Villanueva
Nice !!!!

I like what you did Amazon I am very satisfied yeah sure do know how to make someone happy _Ù´¡


Best kind of glutamine I ever seen, will buy again

What To Expect While Taking Glutamine

L-Glutamine helps prevent loss of muscle tissue during rigorous training due to its anti-catabolic properties. It is also recognized for its possible benefits in stimulating the release of growth hormone by the pituitary gland. Expect to fortify hard-earned muscle, replenish your muscle with nutrients, and reverse muscle breakdown.

By itself, Glutamine is great. When taken with Muscle Attack or Creatine Pills, the results are synergistic. It’s a MUST for competitive athletes, or those taking their fitness to the next level.

“Muscle fuel” is what Glutamine is commonly referred to as. During high intensity exercises, your body is depleted of Glutamine. In some cases, it can take several days to level out. This is a common reason why a lot of people seem to “lose muscle.”

Other successful uses for Glutamine are for those who may be recovering from an injury/surgery OR supporting the muscle mass of athletes who may be on calorie-deficient nutrition plans.


muscle growth




muscle soreness


immune function

How Does Glutamine Work?

L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid that is naturally produced in our bodies. Glutamine helps you reach your goals by decreasing your recovery period, allowing you to train better and your muscles to grow. Glutamine also helps prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue when in a caloric deficit.

Glutamine isn’t necessary to supplement with unless your body is under physical stress, trauma, muscle dystrophy, and illness. Since these negative external factors decrease glutamine levels by 50%, it must be supplemented since it’s essential for the body.

Since training puts your body under stress, glutamine is necessary and helps with recovery. It should be taken on strenuous training days to normalize growth hormone, increase glucose uptake, hydrate muscles, and to reduce acid build up from exercise.



1 Tablet

2 hours after breakfast

1 Tablet

2 hours after breakfast

1 Tablet

2 hours after breakfast

Glutamine Usage

Take 1 tablet 2 hours after each meal. You should take 3 tablets of Glutamine daily. Drink plenty of water while taking glutamine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Glutamine Work The Same For Men And Women?

Glutamine works in the same for both women and men. The effects of Glutamine will depend on the intensity of your training and nutrition, but should feel the effects on recovery levels within a few days, and muscle growth could be a few weeks. Glutamine may not be safe to consume while pregnant or breastfeeding, so speak to your doctor to check if it is okay for you to supplement.

2. Can You Get Glutamine From Proper Diet/Nutrition?

Supplementation is definitely a MUST for athletes, competitive lifters or those simply trying to take their fitness to the next level. If you are a casual weight lifter, we recommend checking out our Whey Better protein with HICA instead.

Other successful uses for Glutamine are for those who may be recovering from an injury/surgery OR supporting the muscle mass of athletes who may be on calorie-deficient nutrition plans.

Glutamine can be found in an overall health diet, consuming red meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, eggs, cabbage, nuts, beans and legumes, beets, carrots, kale, celery, spinach, fermented foods, etc. In order to get the recommended amount of glutamine per day naturally from food (for athletes on intense training programs), one would have to consume multiple servings of the above foods.

As an estimate, you would likely need to spend around $100-200/week to get enough from food, depending on things like age, height, weight, gender, and activity level, etc. Of course, these foods provide other nutrients, and you will likely eat some of these foods anyway, as you have to eat. However, many people choose to supplement so that they know they are consistently getting in enough glutamine to maximize recovery and training.

3. Is Glutamine Safe To Take?

Glutamine supplements have been on the market for decades, and many years of research on Glutamine has studied glutamine as it relates to topics such as: cardiovascular health, absorption levels, inflammation, immunology, exercise, skeletal muscle, and intestinal health.

Our supplement has 2x more glutamine per serving than other major brands, meaning you get more bang for your buck. Some companies even claim to have a higher dose than what you actually are getting in your supplement, which means you would be wasting your money. Many companies also produce their products in China. Our glutamine supplements are guaranteed to have 5000mg per serving, and are produced in the US.

Glutamine is safe to take for most people. No studies have proven otherwise but there may be some risks if you suffer from diabetes, MSG intolerances, epilepsy, or bipolar disorder. It is always a good idea to speak with your healthcare provider before starting any supplement regime.

4. What Is The Recommended Dosage For Glutamine?

Consuming 3g-30g/day (3,000mg-30,000mg) is recommended but dosages can vary per person based on goals, weight, etc. Dosage above 30g/day is the tolerable upper limit and what you don’t want to go over.

You do not need to cycle glutamine, so you can take it every day to support your needs. It can be taken on an empty stomach, but it’s important to consume lots of water while taking glutamine. The best time of the day to take glutamine is around your workouts and before bed for recovery.