6 Ways to Control your Environment to Boost Your Productivity

We get it. Working on your fitness goals can be overwhelming at first. There is so much to learn about eating right, choosing the right workouts, and how to do different workouts. Add to that the fact that you need to stay motivated and it can be a lot!

There is one area you can work on that will help you reach your goals a little easier. You can control your environment to boost your productivity.

Control your environment to boost your productivity

Starting and keeping a fitness routine can quickly get derailed by a lot of organization and planning. Instead of letting this stop you, let’s look at some ways that controlling your environment can boost your productivity and help you to continue to meet your fitness goals.

Start with Goal Setting

When many people start a fitness routine, they skip one of the most important things. Take some time for some serious goal setting. We don’t mean the type of goal setting where you say, “I want to lose 50 pounds,” or “I want to get really toned.” Instead, we’re talking about the kind of goals that are actionable. Before you can create an environment for productivity outside, you must sit down and deal with your goals. Without this key step, everything else will be less productive.

5 Tips for setting fitness goals to boost productivity

  1. Start by setting your big goals. These are the giant goals that drive you to the gym in the first place. Whether it’s a weight goal, a lifting goal, or another health-related goal, these are the goals that drive you. Take some time to list out these larger goals so that you have a general direction you are heading in.
  2. Break each bigger goal into smaller goals. Many of your bigger goals can’t be conquered in a day, a week, or even a month. However, if you want to boost your productivity you will want to see gains in the shorter term. This is where smaller goals come into play. Take some time to take your big goals and break them into smaller-scaled goals. This could mean saying you want to lose x amount of weight each month, lift x amount of weight or maintain x heart rate consistently. Take some time to break all of this down.
  3. Attach your goals to actionable steps. It’s very easy to make goals for your future. It’s a lot harder to tie those goals to actionable steps. Take some time to look at each of your larger and smaller goals and to actionable steps. This may mean saying that you need to add more cardio to your workouts, be more consistent with workouts by going to the gym x number of days, or that you need to spend some time researching nutrition to help fuel your goals. Having an actionable step will help you to succeed in the long run.
  4. Put them in writing. Whether you write your goals down on the calendar or on your phone, having goals in writing will help you to stay consistent and succeed. When you take the time to put your goals in writing, make sure you are including your action steps. As you finish a goal, mark it off. There is something so rewarding about finishing a big goal or a small one. By putting them in writing you give yourself a way to track your wins.
  5. Don’t be afraid of tiny goals. Some of your tiniest goals could fuel your biggest wins. Don’t be afraid to add what you might consider tiny goals. John Erick Moseler says, “1% change still gets you closer to where you’re going than you were when you started.” However, people only chase big goals. Add a few tiny goals that will push you towards success with those larger goals. It really can make all the difference for your success. 



Rework your calendar

Adding fitness goals to your schedule can be difficult if you are dealing with a busy life. In order to boost your productivity, you may need to take some time to rework your calendar. This may mean that it is time for you to do a calendar audit. Taking some time to do a simple audit on how you are investing your time can help you to find the time you need to achieve your fitness goals. Here are a few tips for reworking your calendar to give you a margin to succeed.

5 questions to ask when reworking your calendar to include your fitness goals

  1. Where am I wasting time? Sometimes we waste time that could be used for other things without even realizing it. Take some time to look at your calendar and your day to day life. Is there an area where you are simply playing on your phone, watching tv, or doing something less productive that could be replaced with your fitness goals? Take an honest look at your schedule and see where you can remove things.
  2. Where can I add fitness to my daily life? Maybe you can’t fit the gym into every single day of your life. Is there somewhere you can add in a lunch walk or opt for the stairs instead of the elevator? Look at the areas in your day to day life where you might be able to add these fitness goals naturally.
  3. Am I valuing sleep? Sleep is one of the most unspoken productivity killers. When you are overtired, you are less motivated to invest the time and energy into your fitness goals. Take some time to look at where you can remove certain things to assure you are getting the sleep you really need.
  4. Is something on my schedule working against my goals? Do you have something on your weekly schedule that is working against you? This could be a variety of things and will look different for everyone. If your fitness goals include going to the gym three days a week but you like to go out to dinner with friends two days a week, could that be working against your goals? Take an honest look at your calendar and see what areas could be working against your fitness goals. Then ask how you can change or remove those items to help you continue to succeed.
  5. Can I better organize my days? There are often areas in our day with gaps of time that could be used better if we were a bit more organized. This might mean taking advantage of grocery pickup services instead of spending hours in the grocery store or combining errands so that you aren’t making extra trips. Take some time to look at how your day is organized and see where you can better organize your days to accommodate your fitness goals. 

Take an honest look at your kitchen

One of the biggest hindrances to productivity when trying to achieve fitness goals is food. The foods you are eating can work against your fitness goals in a big way. In order to boost your productivity, you may need to take an honest look at your kitchen. Looking at how your food choices impact your overall goals can help you to succeed more consistently. Here are a few tips for taking an honest look at your kitchen to help you succeed.

5 Areas in your kitchen that work against your fitness goals

  1. Drinks - Did you know that drinks that you consume can hold empty calories that work against your fitness goals? Many drinks that people will reach for can contain around 60-100 calories and have many added sugars. Take some to look at the drinks you keep in the kitchen, choose while you are at work, grab at a restaurant, or even take to the gym. Could eliminating or cutting down on certain drinks help you to reach your fitness goals more effectively? What about mixing in the right supplemental nutrition?
  2. Hidden sugars - Hidden sugars are another big productivity buster. Items such as oatmeal packets, granola bars, yogurt, and even salad dressings have hidden sugars. These hidden sugars can leave you working harder towards your fitness goals than you initially planned. Take some time to look at the hidden sugars in your day to day foods. Are there substitutions you can make so that these sugars don’t work against your fitness goals
  3. Snacking - Are you a snacker? Sometimes snacks can be a big help to fitness goals. Adding in a little protein can be a huge help. However, constant snacking can be a big hindrance to your goals. Take a look at your snacking choices. It may be time to ask yourself how frequently you really need to snack. It also might be time to look at the types of snacks you choose and substitute them for healthier alternatives.
  4. Eating out - Have you been saving time by eating out during the week? While this can seem like a simple way to relieve stress in an area of your schedule, it can also quickly work against your fitness goals. Many of the foods found in delivery and drive-thru restaurants are not well-balanced options that will fuel your fitness goals. Take some time to look at how frequently you are eating out. Could meal planning or advanced meal prepping help you to eat out less and better reach your fitness goals? Consider adding in appropriate supplements to aid your nutritional needs.
  5. Desserts, Treats, and Junk Food - Everyone has their favorite sweet tooth food or just because, junk food. These items can be huge hindrances to your productivity with your fitness goals if you aren’t careful though. Many items are good if portioned correctly and eaten in moderation. Take some time to ask yourself if you are portioning these items well and eating them in moderation. Overeating on desserts, treats, and junk food can quickly keep you from reaching your fitness goals. 


Take a look in your closet

One of the areas that can quickly hinder your productivity is your closet. That may sound crazy but it actually isn’t as crazy as you might think. Having the wrong workout apparel or not having any at all can quickly shut down your productivity. It is so important to make sure that you have the correct clothes and shoes to help you reach your fitness goals. Let’s talk about how apparel can help you boost your productivity on your fitness goals.

5 Apparel Options that can help you succeed at your fitness goals

  1. Proper shoes - Whether you are planning to start a running program or planning a trip to the gym, the correct shoes can make all of the difference. Having the right shoes can help you avoid injury and get the workout you need. Not all sneakers are created equal. It may be beneficial to take a trip to a quality shoe store to discuss your options. When you go, make sure to ask about proper arch support and how the shoes you wear can work with your specific fitness goals.
  2. Appropriate underclothes - One of the quickest ways to work against any fitness goal is to end up with chaffing or have a bra that doesn’t support you. Having the right underclothes can make a world of difference for your fitness goals. Take some time to shop for options that will offer the right support. It is also beneficial to look at materials that will handle the intensity of a workout and control moisture to avoid chaffing. When shopping, don’t be afraid to ask about some of these features to find the best fit for your workout.
  3. Workout apparel - There are a variety of companies on the market offering you the best workout apparel options. Every single line claims to have the best items for you. When choosing workout apparel, look at your specific fitness goals. What type of movements will you be doing? What level of moisture absorbance do you need? Spend some time with the salesperson discussing your unique situation and pick out workout apparel that can help you succeed.
  4. Water Bottles and Towels - What you bring with you to a workout can also help boost your productivity. Items like water bottles and towels can assist you in keeping moving. Instead of stopping your workout for a drink or a towel, you are able to continue to push yourself forward. When choosing a water bottle, pick something that is easy to access during your workout and simple to carry around with you. When choosing a towel, pick something that will absorb well and is easy to carry. Having these items on hand can help you to stay focused on your workout.
  5. Weighted Apparel - For some people, fitness goals need an extra element. Items like weighted belts or ankle weights can help to add something to a workout. If you are looking to continue to boost your productivity, adding in these weighted items may be your next choice. We recommend spending some time with a trainer discussing the best weights for your fitness goals. Adding these simple items to your closet can help you to be ready to focus on your workout when it is time. 


Working out at home

You don’t have to go to the gym to get your workout done. In fact, many people choose to do their workouts from home with huge success. There are some ways that you can boost productivity with home workouts though. These simple changes to your home environment can help you to meet your fitness goals and boost your productivity. Here are a few ideas for making the most of working out at home.

5 Ways to Streamline your Home Workout Environment

  1. Find a place where your workout gear belongs. Whether it is a designated workout room or a special closet for your workout gear, having a set space for it can help you to increase your productivity. This means that your treadmill isn’t the storage for the laundry and your weight bench doesn’t have to be the place for things to get stacked on. Instead, find a place to keep things where they will be easy to get to and on hand when you are ready for working out.
  2. Set a quiet time when you are able to workout undisturbed. Distractions can limit your productivity when working out. Set a time in the day when the people in your home will not interrupt you. This may mean working out early in the morning or in the evenings after the kids go to bed.
  3. Turn off the phone and distractions. When the phone rings or a notification goes off it can be tempting to pause your workout and see what is going on. Silence your devices so that you can focus all of your energy on your home workout.
  4. Build a workout playlist or set the mood with music. There are many people who will work out harder while listening to a favorite playlist filled with music they love. Before you start a home workout routine, take a few minutes to put together a strong workout playlist that will push you forward and help you to succeed. Having that extra motivation can help you to be more productive with your workouts.
  5. Have an accountability person you can check in with. Whether it is a family member or a good friend, having someone to check in with about your home workouts can boost productivity in a big way. Have them make sure you are hydrating and taking in the right nutrition for success. It’s a lot harder to give up on your fitness goals when you know you have someone in your corner pushing you to succeed and refusing to let you quit on yourself. 



Working out at the gym

Making time to head to the gym can be such a huge help for fitness goals. However, there are some ways that your gym environment can work against you. It’s very important to control your workout environment to give you the best chance at success. While you can’t control other people, there are some things you can change. Here are 5 things you can control at the gym to boost your productivity.

5 Ways to Streamline your Workout at the Gym

  1. Limit distractions. It can be tempting to look at what everyone else is doing and strive to be like someone else in the gym. This can limit your productivity and leave you chasing the wrong goals. It is very important that you find ways to avoid comparing yourself to others so that you can focus on your goals. This might mean listening to music or focusing only on your workout.
  2. Go in with a plan. One of the quickest ways to mess up your productivity in the gym is to go in without a plan. Before you know it, you’ve wasted too much time walking around and trying to decide where you will invest your energy. Instead, take the time to put together your plans for your workout before you walk into the gym. This will boost your productivity in a big way because you will already know your next steps before you need to take them.
  3. Meet with a trainer. Sometimes the best way to boost productivity is to meet with a trainer and take a more focused approach to your fitness goals. Whether you meet with a trainer consistently or just, in the beginning, to lay out a game plan for your fitness, spending time with a trainer can help to boost your productivity and get you closer to your goals.
  4. Take advantage of group classes. Not everyone is meant to workout alone. If you are the type of person who struggles on a solo workout and doesn’t have a consistent workout partner, classes may be perfect for you. These classes follow a typical pattern and push attendees to keep moving. This can be a great productivity booster for you whether you are new to gym workouts or not.
  5. Show up prepared. When showing up to the gym, come with everything you need for a workout. Bring along your water bottle, towel, and any supplements you might take as part of your workout routine. Having these items on hand will save you time heading to the gym store or having to cut your workout short. By bringing these items along you will boost your productivity and be one step closer to achieving your goals.