Monday Strategy: Making the most of your fitness week

Welcome to a new year filled with new fitness goals. There is something so motivating about having a new goal and a new direction. However, without some pre-planning, goals can quickly be forgotten. There is a simple way to combat this. By having a Monday strategy you’ll be making the most of your fitness week in no time.

Fitting in Fitness

So often the weekend zooms past us and the work week begins again with goals and responsibilities all their own. This can quickly distract you from your fitness goals and leave you feeling like you just can’t fit it all in. So how do you work around this using a Monday strategy? We have a few tips for you.

Schedule your workouts into your week

Take some time to sit down on Monday and look at your workweek. Where can you be intentional about putting your fitness goals into your schedule? Take some time to add these to the calendar and make an appointment for yourself. This may mean that your workouts have to be structured around meetings, family commitments, or other goals. However, knowing that these items are part of your week, and scheduling accordingly can help you avoid distractions and maintain a strong workout week.

Have a set workout plan

Have you ever walked into the gym and just winged it? While this can seem great for some it can definitely work against you if you are on a time crunch. Instead, take some time on Monday and setup up your workout plan for each gym day. By taking the time to set up which exercises, how many sets, and how much time you are investing, you will be able to make the most of your time whether you have a lot of time or not. When you build out this workout plan, make sure to set realistic goals based on your schedule and the time you have available to you.

Plan for alternative workout options

Sometimes the week doesn’t allow for gym time or the workouts you want to fit into the schedule. This doesn’t mean you have to completely give up on your goals. Instead, look at alternative workout options. This might mean that you take a family walk since you are working on spending quality time with the family. You might also try bodyweight exercises from home that would keep you working towards your goals with other scheduling issues in mind.

5 Home Workout Options with your Family

  1. Family walk - Take a long walk with the family. This may not meet all of your fitness goals but it can get you out and active with the family.
  2. Play a favorite family sport - It may be time to head outside for a round of basketball or to play some kickball with the family. Spending time together getting active can be a great way to add in workouts to a busy schedule.
  3. Do a fun workout together - There are many dance workouts, yoga for kids videos, and more online. Find a workout that might be a little lighter on you but it would be fun for the kids. Take some time to do that together.
  4. Coach a sport your kids are involved with - Another great way to get active and be present with the family is to coach a sport your kids are involved with. Get out there and workout with them at practices.
  5. Let your kids design your workout - If you want to deal with a tough trainer, let your kids get you outside doing bear crawls and jumping jacks. You will quickly meet your fitness goals with some of these fun exercise ideas kids can come up with.

Set up a meal plan

One of the quickest ways to derail your fitness goals is with your eating choices. Life can get busy and it can be very easy to opt for less healthy food options. By taking some time on Monday to meal plan, you will save yourself the stress and have a better chance of meeting some of your fitness goals for the week. This may mean deciding what you will eat or planning out items you can cook in advance to save time. Look at your schedule for the week and figure out which meals fit best with each day and which dinners can be doubled to give you leftovers for a busier day. Plus you can make sure you get the protein you need to make gains with a protein powder added to your favorite smoothie. Finding a quality fish oil supplement is also essential.

Schedule training sessions and gym time

Some gyms have specific classes and training sessions that require scheduling. Take some time on Monday to look through the offerings at your gym and see what you want to include in your week. Don’t wait for the last minute though. Take some time on Monday to book these training sessions and classes so that you are good to go later in the week. By scheduling in advance, you will save yourself time and be more likely to show up for this class or training. Each gym will have different requirements for training and class schedules. Reach out to yours to get the best option for your situation.