5 Habits Most Millionaires Practice to Maximize Their Fitness

Millionaires seem to know the secrets to success, right? Do these secrets spill over into their workout success, too?

It can be reassuring to see what someone who is balancing a thriving business and fitness does. We wanted to share habits you can adopt that most millionaires practice to maximize both their fitness and their bottom line.

Habits you can adopt that most millionaires practice to maximize their fitness

Early Wakeup
Time Management
Limit Distractions
Ask for Help

Early Wakeup

When looking at millionaires who have a workout routine, one of the common threads is an early wakeup. Celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston, Tory Burch, Howard Schultz, and Khloe Kardashian are up before five in the morning to start their workout for the day. They start their day with fitness and make taking the time for it a priority. So how can you make an early wakeup a priority for your fitness routine? We have some tips for you.

5 Ways to Add an Early Wakeup to your Morning Routine

  1. Book an early training class - One way to help get up and moving early in the morning is to book personal training or a class earlier in the morning. This might mean making time for a workout before heading into work for the day. Many gyms and trainers offer early morning training options that can help you to get up and into a consistent routine.
  2. Go to bed earlier - Setting an earlier bedtime can help you to get the sleep you require while waking up earlier for fitness. If you are struggling with setting an earlier bedtime, start by eliminating one show or fun activity from your nightly routine. Setting an earlier bedtime may mean that you have to sacrifice some of your free time activities. However, many millionaires watch considerably less television than the average person.
  3. Move parts of your morning routine around - Waking up earlier may mean that you need to shift certain portions of your morning routine. In order to wake up early and focus on fitness, you may need to move certain parts of your routine to the evening or change the order you do things. Having a modified schedule can be a hard adjustment at first but could ultimately make room for your early morning workouts. Take some time to look at your current schedule and see what you can tweak.
  4. Prep the night before - When thinking of waking up early to establish a fitness routine, many people think of everything they need to get done. This can quickly deflate the motivation to wake up early and pursue fitness goals. Instead of letting it shut down your early wakeup routine before you start, use your nights to prep for the coming day. This might mean making sure workout clothes are laid out, gym bags are packed, and breakfast is prepared. Take some time to meal prep lunches or get meat pulled out for dinner the next day. By taking the time to prepare in advance you will have a better chance of succeeding at an early wakeup.
  5. Make it hard to hit the snooze button - When moving to an earlier wakeup time, the snooze button can be your biggest enemy. If you are going to get consistent with an early morning workout, you are going to have to outsmart this little foe. Having your alarm across the room can help you to avoid hitting the snooze button. You are less likely to hit the snooze button if you have to leave the bed to hit it. Set your alarm up in a location away from your bed to help you to get up and stay up for your early morning workout. 

Setting an early morning workout time can be overwhelming for some. Instead of going all-in you may need to start with something earlier than your normal and work your way towards an earlier wakeup. The goal is to add fitness to your mornings as a way to jump-start the rest of your day. Be kind to yourself when starting a new routine. The goal is to make sure that it is a long term change.


Time Management

Another way that millionaires tend to maximize fitness is with time management. With a great deal to accomplish on a given day, they don’t have the freedom to be wasteful with their time. This means that instead of working harder when it comes to their time, they are working smarter. Time management and balance can seem so overwhelming though. How do you manage your time so that you can focus on your fitness goals? How do you organize your week, starting each Monday morning? We have some tips for you.

5 Ways Time Management can Help Your Fitness Routine

  1. Have a workout plan - When many people start focusing more on their fitness they do so without a consistent workout plan. While it can seem harmless to head to the gym and do your workout without a structured plan, it can actually work against you in a big way. A great deal of time is typically wasted on deciding what workouts come next and where to invest your time. When you walk into the gym with a workout plan in place you are able to get in, do what you need, and get on with your day. Take some time to layout a workout plan before beginning a fitness routine.
  2. Eliminate the fluff - When we talk about fluff we are talking about the things that work against your fitness goals. For instance, do you really need to sit down to watch TV tonight or would meal prepping for the next day be a better use of that time? While having some relaxation time can be healthy, investing too much time into those activities that have minimal value can work against fitness goals. Take an honest look at your daily schedule. What can you safely eliminate in order to focus more fully on your fitness goals?
  3. Rework your schedule - When most people look at their schedules, they are able to find blocks of time that were wasted. Many people spend way too much time in grocery stores or dealing with budgeting and bill-pay related issues. Take some time to look at ways to streamline these items so that you can free up time in your schedule. This might mean taking advantage of grocery pickup or using online bill pay to save you some time. Take some time to look at ways that you can save time on some of your most time-consuming activities. It may free up time for you to focus on your fitness goals more effectively.
  4. Change your approach to dead time - Are you stuck in the car line for a long time? Do you have a long commute to and from work? Do you have tasks in your day that leave you feeling like you could be more productive? It may be time to change your approach to dead time. If you are stuck in the car line for a long time, can you use that time to work on your budget or do meal planning? When you are stuck in traffic, can you use hand free phone features to handle phone calls to schedule appointments or follow up on bills? Take an honest look at those dead times in your day. How can you rework them so that you can make time for your fitness goals?
  5. Put your fitness routine on the schedule - Many people let fitness be one of the first items that get rescheduled in order to focus in other areas. It’s time to put your fitness routine on your schedule. More importantly, it’s time to honor that meeting as if it were a business meeting. Your fitness routine is essential to your overall health. While many people will remove their fitness routines from the schedule, there are many millionaires who will keep that meeting with themselves in order to keep themselves healthy and ready to conquer their goals. 

Time management is so difficult for many people. We often hear of people who are too busy for a consistent workout routine. However, this is one of the most important decisions you can make for yourself and your future.

Take some time to sit down with your schedule and be honest about where you are investing your time. It could be that a few simple changes can free up enough time for you to consistently put your workout routine first. When you are looking at your schedule, work on it in pencil. This will give you the ability to move things around as needed to better structure your schedule to suit you.

Limit Distractions

One of the biggest traits of many millionaires is the ability to limit distractions. You won’t catch them mindlessly scrolling the internet or watching a great deal of television. Instead, they make sure that their time is working for them. So how do millionaires limit distractions so that they can focus on fitness? How do you stay motivated and focused? We have a few great tips to help you out.

5 Ways to limit distractions so you can focus on your workout

  1. Turn off notifications on social media - Social media can be a huge distraction from more important things in life. Average people spend over two hours a day on social media. In fact, many people will stop doing more important things to check notifications from their favorite social platforms. When you are on your way to workout turn off the notifications from your favorite social media platform. You can always turn them back on when you leave. Taking the time to turn off notifications can help you to focus on what is most important with your fitness.
  2. Cut down on TV time - Many millionaires will tell you that they don’t watch a great deal of television. While it is completely ok to sit down and watch a show to relax, watching too much television can take your focus off of your fitness goals. Eliminating one show a day can free up anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour for you to focus on your fitness goals. The average person spends two to three hours a day watching television. Cutting down on television watch time can help you to lean into your priorities with your fitness.
  3. Silence your phone - Not every phone call is one that needs to be answered. In fact, most people spend an average of an hour or more on the phone. Many of these phone calls are not necessary. If a phone call is important, that person can leave a voicemail. Silence your phone when it is time for your workout so that you can focus on your fitness goals. This will limit distractions during your workout and keep you from answering every call that comes in.
  4. Have a set time for emails - Another way many millionaires will save time is by having a set time of day for emails. Instead of responding to everything that comes through, they set a time of day for those emails. The average person spends an hour or two on emails every single day. However, setting a time for those emails can help you to avoid being distracted by them during your workout. It can also be helpful to take some time each day to unsubscribe to emails you don’t need to see. Save yourself time sorting through emails you won’t read and streamline the process. This will free up time for you to focus more on fitness goals.
  5. Say "no" more - Many millionaires are not afraid to say "no" to tasks that they don’t need to be weighed down by. However, saying "yes" to unnecessary tasks is one of the quickest ways to work against fitness goals. While it may seem difficult, saying "no" more to people can free you up to focus on your health and fitness goals. When looking at saying "yes" to something, ask yourself, “Is this the best use of my time or do I simply feel obligated to say "yes?” If you are saying "yes" to something out of obligation, you are saying "no" to yourself. Keep in mind that your fitness goals matter and saying "yes" to the wrong things can keep you from achieving them. 


Another big help that many millionaires have with achieving their fitness goals is an accountability person. Accountability can help you to overcome distractions and excuses so that you can focus on what matters. Having an accountability partner is a simple way to focus on your fitness goals. So how you do pick an accountability partner and how do you work with them?

We have some tips for accountability in fitness for you.

  1. Work with someone who shares your goals - When choosing an accountability partner, make sure you are partnering with someone who shares your goals. Having a like focus can help you to encourage each other to continue to succeed. When one of you gets distracted, the other has the ability to push you to be focused and working hard. Spend some time discussing your goals with the person you are considering and make sure you are on the same page.
  2. Work with someone who isn’t afraid to push you - It is important when picking an accountability partner to pick someone who is not afraid to push you. Sometimes you will not want to continue your workout routine. Sometimes you will have excuses and reasons why you can’t succeed. Having an accountability partner who is not afraid to push you will help you to push through some of these excuses. When you are choosing an accountability partner make sure it is someone who will push past these excuses and push you to become your best.
  3. Work with someone who is already staying consistent - When you choose an accountability partner, it is important to choose someone who is already consistent with their workout routine. Having someone who has already proven that they will do the work, will help you to succeed. When choosing an accountability partner try to avoid choosing someone who has not been consistent with their fitness goals. Working with someone who has already shown up for themselves will show you that they are more likely to show up for you.
  4. Be transparent about your goals and weaknesses - When you partner with someone to work on your fitness goals, transparency is essential. Take some time to be very honest about your goals and your weaknesses. It can help to sit down and have a real conversation about the areas that normally keep you from succeeding. When your accountability partner knows about these areas of your life, they are more able to help you to succeed and push past them. It can also help to talk to your accountability partner about how you best respond to criticism or correction.
  5. Have a plan in place for your goals - One of the best ways to assure that your accountability partner can help you is to have a clear plan in place. What are your fitness goals? What is your exercise schedule? What is your supplement plan? Take some time to talk through your goals and through your plans to succeed at them. Having a plan in place that you both are on the same page can help you to have a better chance of reaching your goals. 

Choosing an accountability partner can be a game-changer for your fitness goals. Take the time to find someone that you can work well with. Having the right person can make a world of difference. Add quality accountability to your fitness routine and you are sure to thrive.

Ask for Help

One big characteristic of many millionaires is their ability to ask for help when needed. This might mean reaching out to a trainer, taking fitness classes, or speaking with a doctor. Having the ability to let go of control and ask for help is essential to success. So how do you ask for help when it comes to your fitness goals? We have some tips for you.

5 Ways to ask for help with your fitness routine.

  1. Hire a personal trainer - When you find that you are struggling with meeting your fitness goals, consider hiring a personal trainer. Many millionaires hire a personal trainer to help them achieve their fitness goals with workout plans that meet their specific needs. When hiring a personal trainer, make sure to speak with someone who will look at your health and customize your workout plan to accommodate that. Some gyms include trainers as part of membership while others offer them at an added price. Reach out to your gym to find out what their policy is.
  2. Speak to your doctor - Many people start a fitness routine without speaking to their doctor. Take some time to talk to your doctor about your specific needs. They may suggest protein powders or supplements that will help you to achieve your goals. They can also let you know what heart rates are safe for you to target and what exercises you should avoid. Speaking with a qualified physician before starting a workout routine is one of the smartest things you can do.
  3. Start with a class - When starting a workout routine it may help to work in a class. This will give you the support of other people and help you to stay consistent. Joining a class can also offer you help with targeting the right areas and utilizing the equipment in the correct ways.
  4. Learn about gym equipment and proper usage - Many gyms will offer you an introduction to all of their equipment. Talk to your gym about the proper use of the equipment and how it might impact your specific situation. This can be a huge help when starting a new workout routine or trying a new machine.
  5. Speak with salespeople and qualified dieticians - If you are planning to add nutritional supplements or protein powders to your workout routine it can be extremely helpful to talk to knowledgeable salespeople or dieticians. By taking a few minutes to talk to them you will be able to find the best possible solution for your fitness goals. 

It can be tempting to work on your fitness goals alone. Talking to someone who is qualified to help you can push you towards success and help you to avoid injuries. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.